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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How Many Islands Are There in Hundred Islands Pangasinan?

YOU PROBABLY answer 100. But you are definitely wrong. Or if you have a high IQ, your answer would have been like the Miss Universe Philippines 1994 who was once asked "How many islands in the Philippines?", and answered with a bouncy question "High Tide or Low Tide?" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42jvCFRdBiM). To be exact, there are 124 islands when low tide and 123 when high tide. People just call it so because Filipinos thought they are just 100 in number until it is named to 100 Islands.

Those islands welcomed me on All Souls Day. We planned on this date to maximize our vacation leave of our work.

Guess who were there? No one but us alone, five in all.

There are only three major islands that are developed for tourist stopover. These are Governor Island, Quezon Island and Children's Island. We chose the Quezon Island since it is the farthest among the others. From this island you can oversee the other small islands.

There are also pathways to connect two islands.

We put up tents for our night rest. The whole place seemed so peaceful. Stars and moon gave dim light for us. The only problem I encountered is that, if you are going to deposit your bowel, you have to hike a little distance in a very dark part of the island that you don't know if there are monsters waiting for you there or when during your strong action someone from below will touch yours. Whoa! Of course, you can't ask from your team a help to take you to the bathroom.

We woke up early for the island hopping. That's the reason we were there. First on the list is the cave island.

We also visited the other house of Pinoy Big Brother in Governor Island.

What amazed us more was when we want an island to sunbathe, then our favor was granted. We chose this island here because our attentions were caught by the soft and white sands.

Hands up!

The waters are so crystal clear that you can actually see underneath of it.

The footsteps to tap even one of the islands are so worthy. We feel we own the islands. It is another adventure that I consider memorable. 

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