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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Heart Hostage in HK

HOSTAGE DRAMA incident of Hong Kong Nationals in Manila brought a bad record of Philippines to Hong Kong. The latter could generalize it from one policeman's imperfection to the whole Filipino citizens. 

Hong Kong is my first international trip, which happened after a week of hostage crisis. What would you do if someone tells you that you are the hostage-taker who killed my countrymen? How would you face vengeance from them? I thought of hiding my identify since I have a Chinese look as they say. 

I was too much late checking in at the airport but was considered though since the plane had not yet taken off. I seated beside a Phil-Chi woman who gave me tips and tricks because Hong Kong was her home country. 

After checking all documents from the immigration, I was told by her to purchase Octopus Card for HK$150.00. This card is their means of paying all transactions like travel fare, store purchases and all   public payments. Brochures with maps are available inside the airport. So don't miss to grab as many as you can. We exited the Hong Kong International Airport at around 7:00pm, I took the chance to capture our moments with Ma'am Phil-Chi with a double-decker bus at our back. 

We rode a bus going to their downtown. So guess what was my first use my octopus card; swiping if off to pay bus fare, it was HK$20.00. I got off the bus in one of their towns and started my night wandering. I roamed until midnight and ended up 2:00am in the morning. Whoa! My feet got tired! Where had I been on those long walks? It was my plan to locate the Philippine Embassy but so sad I had not found it.

I strolled the whole city. I channeled the train subways. I ate street foods. But I didn't have the chance to meet new faces because I was defenseless of such accusations. My camera was not used as well to conceal me from being a tourist. Until such a time, a guy approached me at the bus station and asked me where to go. I was hesitant to respond. I abruptly replied, "to the airport". I knew that backpackers used to sleep at the airport to save money. The guy accompanied me since he had the same route as mine. I first introduced myself to him as a Filipino with confidence! If this person would act violently, I rather run as fast as I can until I will reach my Embassy. However, I never thought to hear a respectable answer, "Every person may do such unmoral bloodshed even my countrymen. It just happened that my countrymen were the victims. I do not generalize the incidents." I felt relieved after hearing it.

I arrived at the airport safely and slept among with the other foreigners.

I woke up early and prepared myself. I visited the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. It was a foggy morning. Views from the other island seemed hazy.

Avenue of Stars is one of the tourist attractions of Hong Kong to give tribute to their film industry. Hand prints of Jackie Chan and other famous artists were carved on the street avenue.

Lights, cameras and Lee is in action! Char!

Afterwards, I hurried myself to arrive to their spectacular, incomparable and country's proud theme park, the Hong Kong Disneyland. I purchased the ticket at their entrance booth for HK$350.00. I maximized the whole afternoon, amazed by the stunning shows, heartfelt plays, extreme rides and many more.

Everything is reminiscing my childhood days. The childlike attitude within me wakes up. It was more fun. Every minute of experience was getting exciting!

Who's person do you know can carry the planet Saturn? Not only Superman could do, but also SuperLee!

I'd love to ride again on Space Mountain extreme ride. It is a high-speed roller coaster that travels the darkest outer space. It starts with the attraction of billions of stars. It is so amazing how these billion of stars are orchestrated. Then it follows by the bursting comets. Your self can't control when one of them almost hits your face. But you let your involuntary muscles do all the escapes just not to punch you. Then at the end of the tunnel, your spaceship gets blown by a large asteroid. White flashes were seen by us. Whoa! I cried after all, why we got crashed. 

I was also fascinated by the play of "The Festival of the Lion King". I cruised the river voyage adventure of "Jungle River Cruise". I watched at the 4D Disney-film cinema where wearing of 3D glasses was required and splashing of water and blowing of air from the front seat and dancing of lights were all real. Waters were splashing when Little Mermaid wiggled her shimmering tail, airs blowing when Aladdin rode the flying carpet, lights dancing when Beauty and her Beast danced at the wedding party. 

I tried also climbing man-made Tarzan's tree house. But where was my Jane at the time?

I therefore realized that my heart left in Hong Kong. The country is clean, literally. No messy billboards everywhere, all were electronics displayed on their sky-rocketing towers. No electric posts and tangled wires, all were built underground. Public umbrellas were available in the waiting sheds. People know how to return it to the coffers. Free newspapers given everyday. If you neglect to get it, they force you to have it. I got a copy though but the headline was our country and our President. 

How could our country start to have a country like Hong Kong? Maybe the question must start to ourselves, How could my life contribute to my country Philippines?

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