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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Every Shutter-Count Counts

CANON PHILIPPINES offers a 2-day workshop for photography and videography. It was a fun-filled event of learning basic and advance camera functionality. What's more fun is that, the workshop was totally free. Also, a lot of freebies were raffled throughout the activity!

The basic photography seemed so basic to me. Right adjustment and combination of shutter speed, aperture and ISO. But I learned to accompany as well the White Balance settings. It is important not only to correct right amount of light but it adds emotions to the subject. So next time when shooting, don't set the White Balance to "Auto" mode. Everything should be in "manual" mode.

The model, on the first day, was on her Chinese attire together with sword. The model acts professional on her poses. Whatever expression she looks, whatever angle she poses, turn around 360 degrees, she is always beautiful in my eyes. Perfect to be captured through the lenses of my camera and of my eyes. 

I like this picture when she attempted to release the shining shimmering sword. The background is not good, though.

Little dramatic emotion adds story to her pose that she misses me. Char!

I demanded this pose to add a little bit sexiness. But it turned out she hardly got it what my mind wanted her to do.

All photographers were all set, ready to fire their flashes. Some of them tried to lie down on the floor in order to get nice angles.

I like this picture, she is naughty.

She rocks the stage.

I like this picture too when her legs were slanted together with the microphone pod.

I demanded another pose, to emphasize naughty facial expression. This is the result.

Another pose of mine, to expose her underarm by raising up the camera. Lol!

But one thing that keeps me to thinking is that, every shutter-count of your click counts. Your camera has its limit to how many clicks it can have. It is called shutter actuation. Most likely, an SLR camera can have 100,000 to 250,000 no. of clicks depending on its brand and model. To know your current actuation, you may visit http://www.myshuttercount.com/. Upload your current photo taken and they tell you the number. It is indeed to know your camera status before its shutter locks.

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