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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Warranty Over Fancy

Jeremy (left), Lee (right) at Canon Store GMall
LAST CHRISTMAS as it was fast approaching, I was considering to buy a new DSLR camera. My first choice was a Nikon D90. I desired this stuff long time ago because my budget fits to its specifications.

After office time, my workmate and I rushed ourselves going to the mall to purchase the said item. Interestingly, I brought her to give me her last-minute final words. It was then we found out that Nikon D90 doesn't have a longtime warranty period. It has just a 3-month service warranty.

I searched for another DSLR which can compete the specifications and fits my budget. I jumped in to the other store and found out Canon 60D. What made me decided to buy is that it has 3 years of warranty period. Moreover, it caught my attention to know that Nikon doesn't have service center in Davao City which is the most important if problem comes in my unit. Only Canon does have.

I pondered while handing my payment to the cashier, I should consider warranty over my fancy. Now I am a Canon user.

Canon EOS 60D Body and 18-55mm Kit Lens - PHP62950.00
with Free Tamrac Bag, Photo Book, Class-6 8-Gb SD Card

Lee :D


  1. hahahahahaha! opposite ta, 1st choice nako na kaso mahal kaau..masking ma.expire after 3 months ang warranty dawaton man nila ang unit as long as sa Nikon shop ka nagpalit.. +1 sa service center, wa pa tawon ang Nikon dri sa Davao..hehehe...

    sabay ko sa imo next time lee beh, pag naa moy shoot.. ^_^ pede?? hehehehe..

  2. sir rsg wants to organize a camera club for IC students and alumni, interested ka?? :D

  3. sure james! Canon worshop next month, if you have point and shoot, you can join, just register in their fanpage. Just get knowledge from the speakers.

    Re: RSG, sure cge, nus a ta magmeeting?

  4. hehe nice start lee..may skill ka pla sa writing ..hehe ^^

  5. hala kinsa na si homebased tits?

  6. I'm wondering who took that shot(right up there on post)...hmmm.. you and ate je both acted well in this "stolen shot screen".. hahehe.. Mwuah..

    Add more post please..


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